Stellendale Park - Urban Design Principles and Objectives

Stellendale Park is located on land that allows the following urban design principles to be realised:

1. Accessibility:

Stellendale Park is situated next to the Stellenbosch Arterial Road, giving it excellent visual exposure to passing traffic on this regional commuter route. The masterplan for the Stellendale Park development incorporates a sensible hierarchy of transit modes including cars, taxis, buses, trains and pedestrians.

2. Regional Landmark:

The urban design masterplan suggests a series of 5-9 storey buildings plus a single 25-30 storey high rise building to achieve total bulk. The tower block will become a landmark within the greater metropolitan area, facilitating orientation and identity within the urban fabric.

3. Green Urbanism (Orientation):

The masterplan for Stellendale Park enforces a north (sun facing) orientation of all buildings, assisting in the objective of green architecture.

4. Pedestrian Flow:

Building mass is placed on top of a continuous basement (parking) plinth, resulting in a pedestrian orientated ground floor level. Building mass is arranged around external spaces, resulting in a “string of beads” of public squares and streets.

5. Building Mass:

The total possible Stellendale Park building mass is mindfully positioned across the site to allow for maximum natural sun exposure of northern building facades, as well as sun penetration in to public streets, squares, and courtyards. Courtyard buildings distinguish between public and private spaces.

6. Public and Private Space:

A spatial hierarchy exists between public space onto which buildings have frontage on the ground floor, and private courtyard space at the back of buildings, connected via semi-private internal lobby spaces.

7. Active Edges:

The emphasis on mixed-use buildings results in retail opportunities on ground floor, creating active edges onto public spaces.

8. Human Scale:

The Stellendale Park masterplan requires all architectural elements to respond appropriately to the public realm, utilising proportions that consider the human scale.

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