At the hub of a comprehensive transport network

A geo-spatial analysis was performed to assess the suitability of the Stellendale Park site with respect to the most important Contact Centre/BPO requirements relative to distances, travel time, cost of different transport modes, and the possibility of present and future residential and industrial property development in the vicinity. Stellendale Park exceeded expectations in all these areas.

The study indicated that rail and minibus taxi transport will be the preferred means of transport to the site, followed by private car and bus transport. It also showed that less than 50% of the contact centre employees at Stellendale Park will use private vehicles as a mode of transport to work. The study also found that on average employees will spend less than 10% of their gross salaries on transport – which is low by any global standards.

A satisfied, happy and fulfilled workforce is important for success in the BPO business. Contact centre operators in South Africa and elsewhere often have difficulties related to employee absenteeism and attrition. Proximity to the workplace, a good public transport system with alternative options, and the monthly expenses employees incur to get to and from work, are material factors affecting employee motivation.

Stellendale Park is centrally located within the greater Cape Town metropolitan area, with a vast local workforce within walking and cycling distance away. It is served by a good road network and a convenient range of public and private transport options. There is an extensive existing residential component, Stellendale Village, as well as further planned accommodation in the same precinct. Stellendale Park is situated only a few kilometres from Cape Town International Airport along a route generally free from major traffic congestion.