Optimising telephony/ICT technology in the contact centres

Contact centre managers, and those responsible for the centre’s technology, have to meet the ongoing demands of customers and the business. Well-defined products and technology road maps are essential.

Contact centre technology initiatives are now viewed as being equally as important as other key business necessities and prerequisites. The value of virtual contact centres are being recognised and are becoming increasingly sought after by many companies.

When evaluating technology performance, the two important questions to consider are: “Did the customer get what he or she was promised and expecting?” and “Did we do the right thing for the company in which the contact centre operates?” Efficient technology performance includes, for example, good service availability, business continuity planning and a service orientated architecture (SOA) in which the internet protocol (IP) network becomes the core platform.

It also needs to be pointed out that agent behaviour is driven by management policies and incentives. For agents to achieve customer and business aims they need support technology to give them access to the relevant information while being able to functionally carry out the transaction, and most contact centres are now aligning their technology strategies with these needs.

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