Contact Centre Services: Strategic and unified solutions

Managed Shared Services Centre Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd (MSSC) was appointed by Visual International as preferential service provider of strategic and unified solutions for the managed shared services to potential contact centre operators at Stellendale Park. MSSC specialises in providing and supporting on a continuous basis the managed property, people, process and technology solutions to their clients in the BPO&O industry – by addressing some or all of their back office needs and requirements to enable the clients to focus on their core businesses.

Each customer is helped to pick the optimal contact centre solutions from MSSC’s comprehensive product package – all of which offer multi-channel and quick-moving capabilities, to empower the client to respond nimbly to market and end customer demands. The client can choose either an inhouse-based solution or an on-demand service offering such as HIPCC. Both of these are easily scalable, depending on requirements and choice. This shared services platform makes the particular contact centre operator a service powerhouse, with built-in innovation and flexibility.

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