The best location in Cape Town for a telecommunications city

Stellendale Park is situated in a cross-over area between the first and second economies. It is situated inside the second economy with the benefit that brings of a large pool of potential future employees living within walking and cycling distances from the precinct. Stellendale Park is also in close proximity to a resource pool of more than 50,000 students at four separate universities.

Where the first economy is concerned, it is situated on a major provincial highway (Stellenbosch Arterial), immediately opposite the road from Blackheath Industrial Area, and a few hundred metres away from a regional shopping mall (Zevenwacht Mall) and from Saxonburg Industrial Area. It is important that the managers from all levels of management, who are from Cape Town’s first economy and from overseas, feel comfortable about travelling to and from, and working at, Stellendale Park.

The second economy hotspot of Cape Town is located more or less at the intersection of the N2 and R300 freeways. An estimated 1 million people live within a 10 kilometre radius of this spot; this is also the highest population density area with the lowest income levels in Cape Town. There are no significant contact centres and very few other major employers in this area. A sizable percentage of the inhabitants have an average age of ±18 and they have acceptable English language skills, because there is a high density of feeder schools in the area.

During the past few years, a number of substantial residential, retail and industrial property developments have been built close to Stellendale, including Visual International's own award-winning Stellendale Village. The addition of a contact centre precinct like Stellendale Park to the area will create many much needed job opportunities for the young people living there.

stellendale park map