Investment and funding opportunities at Stellendale Park

South Africa is gearing up to become the primary telecoms interconnection hub for Sub Saharan Africa. This is made possible by the installation of high speed undersea optic fibre cables from the main international cable networks in the northern hemisphere. These undersea systems are supported by a terrestrial optic fibre backbone type of network, also currently being installed through the centre of Sub Saharan Africa. These network systems (i.e. WACS, EASSy and the terrestrial network) will ensure that almost all of the countries in Sub Saharan Africa will soon (i.e. by 2012) be linked by optic fibre cables to South Africa.

WACS is already ashore in Cape Town itself.

The South African Government’s incentive and support programmes for the BPO industry are being noticed in relevant circles around the world, which in turn encourages increasing numbers of contact and data centre operators to make scouting visits to the country and to conclude relocation agreements. Local and international research indicates that the BPO industry can become the next wave of property development in South Africa.

A few years ago international research company, Gartner, projected that in 2009 there would be 12,000 virtual desktops in the world increasing to 49 million in 2012. Moreover, South Africa is being regarded as one of the countries with the biggest growth potential of data centre space in great part due to network improvements completed for the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup, the issuance of a second land line licence (to Neotel), and other deregulations.

Visual International (Visual) is an established development company and has designed Stellendale Park to be South Africa’s first contact centre or Business Process Outsource (BPO) node. As a consequence, Visual is in on-going negotiations with some of the country’s most successful IT companies to assemble a team to jointly develop Data Centre One, the first of three data centres planned for Stellendale Park.

Your invitation to get in on the ground floor

Visual is inviting interested and entreprising parties to make an investment in one or more of the attractive telecommunications related business opportunities in Stellendale Park, and to make such investments at these early stages of the development at no premium. All four of the opportunities listed below offer good returns, exciting growth paths and various exit strategies.

Visual wishes to partner with one or more investors regarding some or all aspects of the development of Data Centre One and other facets of Stellendale Park. Possible ways in which such companies can do this are by co-investing with Visual in the development of its data centre project, Data Centre One – at the present early stage of its establishment process and/or the first Contact Centre building in the precinct, Building A.

Opportunity 1

Co-development and co-ownership of Data Centre One.

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Opportunity 2

Be the company operating and managing Date Centre One.

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Opportunity 3

Co-development and co-ownership of the first sub-phase, Building A, of the Stellendale Park precinct.

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Opportunity 4

Co-development and co-ownership of the first phase of the Stellendale Park precinct.

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African business opportunities

Establishing facilities such as Data Centre One and the rest of Stellendale Park are costly and require big investments. With the new high speed and low cost cable connections, African entities will now have access to such facilities. Visual International would like to rent or sell some or all of its rack and other data centre spaces in the Data Centre One building to interested parties in South Africa and elsewhere in Sub Saharan Africa. It would also like to rent or sell some or all of the contact centre floor space and other contact centre facilities in the Data Centre One building to such interested parties.