People Solutions at Stellendale Park

People are key to the success of any business operation, and specifically in the BPO&O industry. The marketplace simply demands quality and appropriately trained people in the workplace. Recent research indicates that businesses in different countries are looking for people with a set of basic or foundational capabilities and qualities that can be used universally; that is, in any job, in any sector and in any country. The global skills race is real and it is intensifying. Appropriate education and the acquisition of suitable skills are vital in order to compete successfully in the business environment – these will help to determine the economic fortunes of companies.

Visual International entered into a strategic relationship with Managed Shared Services Centre Consulting Services (Pty) Ltd (MSSC) to ensure that sufficient and well-trained people are available to businesses in the contact centre and related industries at Stellendale Park. The services of MSSC’s specialists will be available to prospective businesses, to handle the recruitment, screening, selection and placement of staff. Their services will also be available for the development of staff members, for instance for: job analysis, job design, career planning, education, training, coaching and mentorship, performance appraisals and reviews, and compensation and benefit administration.

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