The perfect contact centre location

Stellendale Park has been positioned as the preferred location for international and local contact centre operators seeking to gain competitive advantage – based on the quality, location, facilities and green environmental attributes of the location, buildings and precinct.

The Park’s prime objective is to provide pleasant working experiences to contact centre employees that in turn will enhance the nature, cost and quality of the services provided locally and worldwide from Stellendale Park.

Stellendale Park makes a superior contact centre and data centre location for the following reasons:

  • Low property ownership/tenancy and operations cost by comparison to most other countries
  • On-site Data Centres for hardware locations, telecom services and application hosting
  • Plug and play environment
  • SA Department of Trade & Industry BPO&O incentive scheme
  • Connection to Tata/Neotel, Telkom & the City of Cape Town’s fibre networks
  • High speed fibre optic links to a number of exchanges with built-in redundancy
  • Cloud computing and end-to-end connectivity
  • Large workforce well suited to work in the BPO&O industry
  • Human Resources recruitment, screening and testing
  • Internationally accredited on-site training
  • Major employment (up to 16,000 per 24hours)
  • Availability of adequate power supply
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply, back-up power generation capacity with adequate fuel supply
  • Guaranteed water supply and sewerage disposal services
  • Green building – aiming for 4 star rating with Green Building Council of SA
  • Generous parking and open spaces
  • Socio-economic impact: founder member of the Kuils River Socio-Economic Impact Project
  • Central location served by convenient public and private transport
  • Contracted transport, creche and food supply services
  • Global strategic partners
  • Local and National Government endorsements
  • Scalability options
  • Experienced development team