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South Africa is a key BPO destination for the international market. The offshore BPO industry in South Africa is growing at more than 40% each year and has recently witnessed the entry of several leading global investors.

Our talent pool has distinctive strengths in its cultural and linguistic affinity with the UK that helps establish a strong connection with customers. South Africa is among the top 3 global offshore locations providing quality English language skills on a large scale. We also provide world-class specialist skills and an advanced product regulatory environment that is similar to developed markets.

South Africa offers a first-world living and working environment, and a cost base which is 50-60% lower compared to source markets.

As the global sourcing market has evolved, organisations have started to broaden the scope of their offshore portfolios rapidly. Offshoring is moving from transactional processes to areas that are complex and core to operations. As this happens, the value that can be derived from the globalisation of work increases and so does the risk of failure. To deliver these sophisticated operations successfully, companies need access to talent that possesses industry expertise, has specialist training and understands the source market environment.

South Africa is uniquely positioned among developing countries to meet these requirements. Its mature domestic market has led to the development of a management pool with deep domain skills. Its education system provides industry with a wide range of professional and specialist programmes. Given the historical business ties, the domestic market regulations and standards are very similar to the UK and Europe.

The South African Government’s incentive and support programmes for the BPO&O industry are being noticed in many relevant circles in the world, which encourages more and more contact centre operators to make scouting visits to the country and to conclude re-location agreements. Stellendale Park has the sanction of the Department of Trade and Industry (“DTI”), the main national governmental body making grants available to international contact centre operators establishing in South Africa. Local and international research indicates that the BPO&O industry can become the next wave of property development in South Africa.

In summary, South Africa has the talent to add significant value to global businesses. It does so with First World infrastructure and business environment and at costs 50-60% lower than source markets.


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