A great place to work, a wonderful place to live.

One of the key principles that the developers of Stellendale Park applied to the design of the precinct is the fact that a satisfied, happy and fulfilled workforce is the key to success for any Contact Centre/BPO business.

To this end, all existing and planned residences at Stellendale are focused on providing enjoyable living experiences to those who live there. This also translates into good medium- and long-term financial returns on investment, both for owner-occupiers and for property investors.

On-site facilities planned for the comfort and convenience of workers, visitors and those living there include:

  • Well-planned public open spaces with coffee shops, restaurants and other convenient retail facilities
  • Creche, health clinic (doctor and dentist)
  • Fuel station with convenience store component
  • Health and fitness club and spa; walking and cycling paths
  • Ample parking; dedicated on-site taxi service to train and bus stations and nearby residential areas
  • Recruitment, training and other employee service facilities
  • On-site security services

This attention to their needs ensures that everyone involved at Stellendale Park will be able to enjoy pleasant living, working and recreational experiences there.


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