Not just a pretty face

Situated on the southern tip of Africa, Cape Town is well known for being one the most uniquely beautiful places in the world. While it is famous for attractions such as Table Mountain, the Cape of Good Hope and the Cape Winelands, Cape Town is also an important conference, convention and investment centre, and it competes favourably on every level with the best cities in the World.

Cape Town also sits in a central European time zone, making it only an overnight flight from the major cities of Europe (a flight with practically no jet lag), as well as placing it at a convenient halfway point between the Americas and the Far East.

Capetonians are friendly, hospitable and hard-working people. Recent in-depth studies and experience show that they are particularly suited to Contact Centre/BPO work. They have demonstrated a great aptitude for person-to-person communication as well as a remarkable facility for learning different languages and dialects.


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