The ideal Contact Centre/BPO Business Hub

Location, location, location.

Stellendale Park is destined to become Cape Town’s newest business and residential precinct. It is centrally located within the greater metropolitan area with a vast, local workforce served by a convenient range of public and private transport options. In addition, there is an extensive existing residential component, Stellendale Village, as well as further planned accommodation.

Communications at the speed of light.

Situated within a very short distance of two different high-speed fibre optic links installed at two exchanges located close by, Stellendale Park provides virtually limitless, truly seamless telecoms with guaranteed built-in redundancy, ensuring that not a single phone call is ever dropped.

A development inspired by virtually limitless connectivity.

Given the high cost of operating Contact Centre/BPO operations in North America, Europe and Asia; the recent landfall of the 5.12 Tbit/s West Africa Cable System (WACS) at Yzerfontein (West of Cape Town), the imminent completion of the 3.84Tbit/s Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSy) and the already operational 1.28Tbit/s SEACOM fibre optic undersea cables is expected to radically reduce the cost of telephony in South Africa. This, together with all the other favourable qualities already mentioned, made it an easy decision for the developer of Stellendale Park, Visual International, to create this platinum grade telecommunications hub.


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