Overview of a purpose built telecommunications city

Stellendale Park is a purpose built telecommunications city being developed by Visual International (Pty) Ltd in Cape Town, South Africa. With an initial phase of some 70,000m² of approved and developable bulk, Stellendale Park provides best-of-class fibre optic links with uninterrupted power supply and built-in redundancy. Visual is an established property development company with a highly competent and motivated team of business partners.

Stellendale Park competes very favourably with Contact Centre and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) establishments in North America, Europe and Asia. With a low cost of property ownership/tenancy by comparison with those continents, a proven highly trainable, English-speaking workforce within easy distance and an ideal GMT+1 time zone location, Stellendale Park can outstrip its Western and Eastern rivals both in profit-to-cost ratio and customer service levels.

In addition, a number of Data Centres are planned at Stellendale Park. Data Centre One will be a vendor-neutral data centre, built and operated to world best practice standards and clients will benefit from being able to choose their own networks and service providers. The main purpose of Data Centre One is to run the applications that handle the core business and operational data of the organizations which will be hosted there. Data Centre One will also be used for off-site backups and for continuity purposes for client companies.

Importantly, Stellendale Park has the enthusiastic local support of the Western Cape Government, the City of Cape Town and business-led initiatives like Accelerate Cape Town, and has the full backing of Business Process enabling South Africa (BPeSA) Western Cape, a non-profit agency dedicated to the development of the Contact Centre and BPO industry in Cape Town.

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